Who is Josie Bee?

Hailing from a background rooted in the diverse and world of textured hair care, Josie has always been driven by a commitment to enhancing natural beauty through innovative approaches.

Josie is a highly qualified trichologist, backed with years of training and a deep understanding of hair and scalp health, making her the perfect expert to solve and treat hair-related issues.

Fueled by her passion for hair care solutions, Josie identified an unmet need in the hair care market—a need for intricately formulated, premium-grade products catering to men and their beard hair.

She embarked on a new chapter with the birth of Beards by Josie Bee.

How can you be a woman teaching about beards?

Easy. Beards represent hair in its natural, textured form—just like the hair of the women I work with full time. A deep understanding of hair science enables me to transform a wide array of hair types, beards included.

Beard care is just hair care and skin care combined, and this is where my expertise as a certified trichologist truly shines. By combining these skills, I make it possible for you to achieve a beard that's you are proud of.

Products are handmade with love, infusing care into every bottle.

Nourishing formulas for a luxuriously groomed beard.

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