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A lot of men love their beards. Like LOVE. The only thing is that it can sometimes be a struggle. A lot of men think that since the products and things they do aren't working, that it must just be in beard nature for your Man Crown to be dry, wild, and stubborn. That's not true. Once you understand the simple science behind beard care and how things work, you'll never complain about the beard struggle again. And that's where I come in.
I'm Josie Bee, your Beard Queen and Expert.

Who is Josie Bee?

Josie Bee is a young southern belle born and raised in Jackson, MS with a love for all things creative, luxurious, and beautiful. This propelled her into the professional world of cosmetology as she earned her license and became an expert in the area of textured hair. Then came the amazing transition to beards and men's hair care. Beards by Josie Bee was born.

How can you be a woman teaching about beards?

Easy. Beards are hair; chemical free, textured hair. Just like the women whose hair I work with full time. When you know the science of hair, you have the power to transform ANY kind of hair. Beards aren't excluded. Beard care also equals skin care, and as a licensed cosmetologist, I am also trained in skin care and skin health. By combing both of these skill sets, I am able to help you achieve a healthy and desirable beard easily and effortlessly.

How do your services and products help men and their beards?

Each of my services and products is centered around providing NEEDS. I know exactly what you need so I'm gonna give it to you! That's what's missing. There are tons of people throwing products and services at you daily, but is it what you really and truly NEED?
My signature Crown Care Session focuses on revitalization and relaxation. During this customized session, you receive a facial and beard detox and beard hydration treatment powered by steam. This steam opens your pores and cuticles and allow the treatment to penetrate for maximum results. Receiving professional maintenance on your skin and beard and necessary to achieving those beard goals. 
My products were created to do exactly the same thing. Many of you expressed a need for a solution to thinning and patchy beards. You also expressed the need for a solution to dry, shedding, unruly beards. So, I formulated my products to provide you with those solutions. Every ingredient is handpicked to give you exactly what you asked for.
Any question or concern that you have, as your Queen I am here to cater to you.

Your beard is now is good hands.