From Passion to Purpose: The Beards by Josie Bee Journey

From Passion to Purpose: The Beards by Josie Bee Journey

Greetings, Kings! Whether you've discovered us through IG, TikTok, or word of mouth, we deeply appreciate your support. We want to share our story with you, including what inspires us, the unmet needs we address, and our core mission. 

What Inspires Us 

Josie Bee, the owner and founder of Beards by Josie Bee, possesses a profound background in textured hair care. Her innate talent for enhancing people's appearances led her to explore the world of trichology, the study of hair and the scalp. Here, she found her inspiration, a passion to assist men in growing and maintaining their beards in unique and valuable ways. Josie, along with our dedicated team, is inspired to cater to the needs of Kings like you. 

The Unmet Need 

The grooming industry has long lacked intricately formulated, premium-grade products designed explicitly for men and their beard hair. Most available products are inexpensive oils, creams, shampoos, and conditioners that often result in dry beards, flaky skin, and brittle hair. Recognizing this gap, Josie and our team committed three years to developing quality solutions. Each product underwent rigorous testing and refinement to craft the perfect offerings for you. We are here to help you fulfill your needs because you deserve nothing but the best, King. 

The Mission 

Our mission is to empower men to not only look their best but to feel supported in their physical and mental health journey. By enhancing appearance, we boost self-confidence and promote better self-care. 

There you have it, King. 

Visit your throne at and experience the difference.

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